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Canada’s Transition to a Low Emission Future meets the Tar Sands (film at 11:00)

Posted by notarsands on January 14, 2008

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Meanwhile in Canada

On Monday the Canadian National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy published its final report Getting to 2050: Canada’s Transition to a Low emission Future. Essentially, it makes the same recommendations as proposed in Hot Air: one of the authors – Mark Jaccard, is a round table member.

The Canadian government lost no time in rejecting the Roundtable’s recommendations. The sticking point for the Liberals is the proposal for a carbon tax, but only because they are in favour of cap and trade which the report suggests as an alternative; they did not reject the proposals out of hand. The National Post whittered on about communism and five year plans.

Actually the report’s recommendations are conservative and market based– putting emphasis on technological solutions to the climate change challenge over fuel-saving, and emphasising carbon capture and storage which would enable Canada’s extractive industries to meet the targets.

On Thursday the Pembina Institute and World Wildlife Fund published an unsurprisingly critical report on the oil-sands mines’ environmental record: Under-Mining the Environment. After 40 years of oil-sands development not one hectare of land has been certified as reclaimed under Alberta government guidelines.


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