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Climate Change Activists to Stage Protest at Reception at Canadian Embassy for Alberta Premier, Ed Stelmach in DC Promoting World’s Dirtiest Fuel

Posted by mhudema on January 16, 2008

Activists Declare: “Hey Canada: Keep Your Dirty Fuel – More Global Warming Equals Less Security”
WASHINGTON, DC – January 15 – Oil Change International, ForestEthics, and other environmental activists will stage a protest outside the Canadian Embassy starting at 6 p.m. during a reception for Ed Stelmach, premier of Alberta, on his first visit to the US on Wednesday, January 16th.

WHO: Oil Change International, ForestEthics, Environmental and Climate Change Activists
WHAT: Action Against Global Warming at Reception for Alberta Premier Promoting World’s Dirtiest Fuel – Creative, Visual demonstration to call attention to climate change causing resource extraction
WHEN: Wednesday January 16th at 6 p.m.
WHERE: Canadian Embassy, 501 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20001
The Canadian province of Alberta is in possession of a rare natural resource known as the Alberta Tar Sands, which can produce a very small amount of low-grade petroleum only after undergoing an extremely energy intensive and wasteful process. This process produces three times as many greenhouse gases as conventional oil production through extreme localized degradation, and is being referred to as the most environmentally destructive petroleum endeavor of all time. On his first visit to the U.S. the Canadian Embassy will host a talk by Ed Stelmach promoting the extraction and use of Alberta Tar Sands. Activists will gather in a creative, energetic and visual demonstration to send a strong message to Stelmach and the US government that nether the U.S. or Canada, nor the planet can afford or tolerate such environmental degradation. To arrange an interview with protest organizers or for comment on the tar sands please contact Steve Kretzmann of Oil Change International at 202-497-1033 or Liz Butler of ForestEthics at 202-487-4908 For further Information, go to: or


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Alberta crude may be too dirty, U.S. law says

Posted by mhudema on January 16, 2008

From Tuesday’s Globe and Mail

Alberta’s oil sands are taking a hit from new U.S. energy legislation passed last month that has an unusual wrinkle suggesting that Canadian crude might be too dirty for the U.S. government.

The legislation won’t allow any U.S. federal agencies to buy vehicle fuel derived from non-conventional sources unless the life cycle of its greenhouse-gas emissions is the same or less than that of conventional petroleum.

The sticky bitumen in Alberta’s tar sands is considered one of the world’s biggest potential sources of energy, but it’s also one of the dirtiest in terms of carbon dioxide emissions because it takes so much power to wring it out of the soil in which it’s trapped, putting it in the crosshairs of the new rules.

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US Congress says No to Tar Sands (quietly)

Posted by mhudema on January 16, 2008

window.document.getElementById(‘post-2154’).parentNode.className += ‘ adhesive_post’; Here’s one that somebody missed. Apparently Section 526 of the Energy Bill signed into law by Bush less than a month ago stated that the U.S. government would not purchase transportation fuel from nonconventional petroleum sources that have higher life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions from production and combustion than equivalent conventional fuel.

That means that the US military (the #1 consumer of oil in the US), the postal service, government fleets, all of it – can’t use tar sands oil. Or oil shale. Or coal to liquids.

You can almost hear the oil industry lobbyists slapping their foreheads and shouting “D’oh!”

Its a happy sound, one not often overheard inside the beltway.

Of course, now the wrangling over implementing regulations will start. The industry can be counted on to try to weaken this historic legislation at every turn. And perhaps this is why Alberta’s Premier Ed Stelmach arrives in Washington tomorrow. Either that or to see his Edmonton Oilers (!) play the Washington Capitals on Thursday night.
Stay tuned for information on how you can urge Congress to keep this legislation strong.

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