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Premiers meet this week to talk climate change

Posted by mhudema on January 27, 2008

John Bermingham, Canwest News Service

Published: Saturday, January 26, 2008

VANCOUVER – When British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell hosts Canada’s provincial leaders on Monday, he’ll be trying to find a climate change consensus.

But it won’t be easy.

Alberta accounts for one-third of all national greenhouse gases, mainly due to its tar sands and oil and gas sector. And it’s the fastest-growing emitter.

B.C. has already committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by a third before 2020. Last week,
Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach only promised to stop the growth of emissions by 2020, and then cut them 14 per cent by 2050.

“When I sit down with the premiers, I try and find areas of agreement, where we can act together,” Campbell said last week.

B.C. is moving to a ‘cap and trade’ system for reducing emissions, which has the support of Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has said he will call for greater government investment in new technology to deal with greenhouse gas emissions. That means money for areas such as “clean-coal” technology, carbon sequestration and nuclear energy, he said in an interview this week.

B.C.’s premier has also signed climate-change reduction deals with neighbouring U.S. states and European states.

“We build a momentum for change by acting positively, and by showing the results of the actions we take.
Do I want everyone in Canada to follow B.C.’s lead, I’d love that. But I know this – if I wait for unanimity in the country, I’ll be waiting for a long time before we act,” he said. “Premiers will decide for themselves whether they agree that’s the route they want to go, or not.”

Vancouver Province/with a file from Canwest News Service


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