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From boom to burden

Posted by mhudema on January 29, 2008

Edward Burtynsky on the Alberta Tar Sands

by Lloyd Alter, Toronto on 01.28.08


We have written many posts about the evil that is the Alberta oil sands, how it is stupid to the last drop, and how it is the highway to hell.

Now the Globe and Mail is running a week-long special report on it, including a photo essay by TreeHugger favorite Edward Burtynsky. For once they have dropped their stupid pay-per-view fence so that we can link to it. Burtynsky photographs are usually shown as huge prints; The Globe has put them in a tiny window with strange software but they are still amazing. ::Globe and Mail


Notwithstanding the fact that it is an environmental disaster, nothing is going to change in Alberta soon. The Globe writes:

The value and importance of the oil sands will make that much harder the choices that Albertans and all Canadians suddenly face. Canada has now become a major-league merchant of one of the most desirable – and dirtiest – sources of energy. The money is flowing in, and the profits are rolling out – good news for stockholders, the Canadian dollar and government coffers.

But there are environmental and social costs to stuffing our pockets while the oil speeds south. And Canadians will have to answer a question already being asked by many Albertans: When does a boom become a burden? ::Globe and Mail


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