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Activists Deliver ‘Throne’ Speech and Set-up Visual Demonstration

Posted by notarsands on February 4, 2008 T.arsands O.perations P.ermanently (STOP)

For Immediate Release:

Stelmach, Knight, and Renner Have Their Heads in the Tar Sands:
Mock Throne Speech and Visual Demonstration Demands halt to Tar Sands Operations.

February 4, 2008 (Edmonton) – On February 4, 2008 at 1:00 pm, marking the opening of the 2008 winter session, as well as the impending provincial elections, activists will be outside the legislature visually demonstrating what they expect from today’s throne speech. They will set up a large visual creation of Minister Rob Renner, Minister Mel Knight, and Premier Ed Stelmach, with their “heads in the tar sands.”

“These politicians have done nothing more than aid a crisis situation which is already out of control,” states Peter Janz a member of STOP, referring to the unchecked environmental damage caused by the Alberta tar sands industry. “The speech from the throne needs to include plans for dealing with the social and environmental costs caused by one of the dirtiest energy projects in the world, but instead we see that our elected representatives have their heads in the sand and choose to remain ignorant to even the basics of climate science.”

With some of the lowest royalty rates in the world, the Conservative government has been selling Alberta’s natural resources for too little for to long. The government has also allowed Companies to operate with complete disregard of the environmental impact, and have been focusing profits for a few, while an entire province has been left with 25% of its land destroyed. It is time to shut the operations down assert STOP members.

“There are no excuses for the negligent decision-making that has occurred with this government,” says Paul Baker another STOP member. “We demand that the plans for the future of this province are socially and environmentally responsible, and this can in no way be accomplished without shutting the tar sands down once and for all.”

The activists will also be giving their own speech from the throne.

For More Information Contact:
Paul Baker
(780) 289 3184


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