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Greenhouse gas policies –We’re special. We’re Alberta

Posted by mhudema on February 6, 2008

Barbara Yaffe
Vancouver Sun
Development of Alberta’s oilsands, portrayed until now as a good news story for Canada, is coming to be seen as a dirty business.

Canadians have been grateful for U.S. interest in the sands and happy for the cash that has been enriching the Prairie province thanks to big-ticket oil.

But is it worth it? Increasingly there is a focus on the heavy environmentalist price being paid for the black stuff north of Edmonton.

And what of the burden Alberta is placing on the rest of the country in terms of greenhouse gas emissions? With less than 10 per cent of Canada’s population, Alberta spews nearly one-third of its greenhouse gas emissions.

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New Energy Bill Marred by Tar Sands

Posted by mhudema on February 6, 2008

The New York Times ran a story yesterday on whether the trend towards greener energy will hold or fade away. Fortunately for the planet, the story concluded that this trend is here to stay. But also featured in this story was another important story – a saga of  Beauty and the Beast and what really happens when the price of oil goes up.

Clifford Krauss of the New York Times correctly points out that renewable spending, while up significantly, is in a race with so-called “unconventional fuels” – synthetic fuels like Canadian tar sands, liquid coal, and oil shale – for our energy future. Huge investments are being made to scrape the bottom of the barrel for oil. Instead of moving forwards to develop energies for our future, the large oil companies are putting their money into developing the dirty, polluting fuels of our past.

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How to Avoid Action on Climate Change

Posted by mhudema on February 6, 2008

The following is the text of Ian Angus’s keynote speech at “Smells Like Green Spirit,” a conference sponsored by the University of British Columbia Student Environment Centre, on January 19, 2008.

by Ian Angus, editor Climate and Capitalism

Canadians are known for being modest and self-effacing. We don’t brag much, and sometimes we seem to have an inferiority complex, a belief that we do okay, but we seldom excel.

Last month, diplomats and politicians and scientists from all over the world met in Bali, in Indonesia, to discuss what to do about climate change. As I followed the Bali discussions, I realized that there is one area in which Canada is truly a world leader. So I decided to devote my talk today to this Canadian success story.

Yes, the world can watch and learn from Canada, because if there is one thing that Canadian politicians and business leaders do well, it is this.

They can teach the world how to avoid action on climate change.

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