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Edmonton Centre – Tar Sands Pledge

Posted by mhudema on February 16, 2008

Up first the Edmonton Centre forum. All the candidates and our first chance to test the “No new approvals candidates challenge”.

The idea:
Step 1: Print out a copy of the “no new approvals candidate pledge” available at

Step 2: Take a copy of the pledge to an all candidates forum.

Step 3: During question period challenge all the candidates to join with a majority of Albertans in calling for an end to new approvals on tar sands development.

Step 4: Take the pledge to the front hand them a marker and have each sign-on or publicly say no.

The Execution:
The execution of the “no new approvals” candidate challenge went fairly smoothly. We got the second question.

“Over 46 organizations representing a broad spectrum of interests have called for a end to new approvals on the Alberta tar sands. Whether its because of the immense environmental impact, social or infrastructure issues or growing health issues associated with the development all these groups agree on one thing. The first step is to not add to the problem. There call is one echoed by a majority of Alberta’s whether in opinion polls or in forums across the province the majority of Alberta’s support an end to new approvals. My question to you is very simple will you support what Albertans have been calling for and agree that we should end new approvals on tar sands development and will you put it in writing?”

We then handed over the marker.

Put on the spot 3 out of the 4 candidates signed on. Dave Parker for the Green Party, Deron Bilous for the NDP and Laurie Blakeman for the Liberals. The only holdout was Bill Donahue (PC). It was magical.

Now we need the rest of the candidates and your help to do. Please take the pledge to your candidates. Download it at Report the results by emailing

We have TWO weeks to actually get politicians to commit to something. If you are in Alberta now is the time.


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