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Greenpeace has Eddie’s number.

Posted by mhudema on February 19, 2008



Greenpeace has Eddie’s number.

The environmental group ambushed the premier for a second time on the campaign trail yesterday, dogging him over the Tory plan to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 14% over 42 years.


“Albertans have repeatedly told this premier that we can’t put any more tarsands projects online. That we need better balance and that the impacts are already too severe for Albertans to handle … in terms of their air, water and quality of life. But it’s something he has completely ignored,” Greenpeace protester Mike Hudema, 31, said, pausing briefly from using his bullhorn.

He said global warming experts advocate reductions of as much as 90% by that time.

Waving placards denouncing oilsands projects, Hudema and other protesters were set up outside the office of Castledowns MLA Thomas Lukaszuk, where Stelmach was making an education announcement.

About 200 Conservative supporters gathered to hear Stelmach promise limits on tuition increases and cuts to student loan rates.

They cheered at his comments about strong Conservative values but remained silent when he shared details of the education plan.

The real fireworks took place outside as Stelmach walked back to his tour bus, where the protesters waited.

An elderly Tory supporter heckled Hudema as Hudema heckled Stelmach.

“You say we’re going to kill 10 million people. Alberta’s air is the cleanest in the world. All other cities have stinky air that tastes disgusting,” the senior citizen screamed at the Greenpeace protesters.

His rant continued, at times louder than the bullhorn.

Stelmach once again defended his environmental plan as “achievable and realistic.

“To simply say shut (the oilsands) down … what are you going to do with the 600,000 (new Albertans working) here?” he said.

The premier has thrown out the 600,000 number before while defending his plan, but has yet to cite a source for the figure.

Meanwhile, the NDP dismissed Stelmach’s promise to reduce student loan interest rates by 2.5% and limit tuition increases to the rate of inflation.


Leader Brian Mason called them “nickel and dime” proposals.

The Tories say an average student would save about $250 in interest payments in their first year after graduation.

“I just scratch my head. How does (Stelmach) think $250 is going to make a difference to students graduating over $10,000 in debt?” Mason said.

“We are calling for tuition fees to be cut, meanwhile the premier is promising to let them keep rising.”

The Liberals have promised to reduce tuition by up to $1,000 per year.


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  1. Debt said

    They always promise thats what they do but will they deliver?

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