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My trip to Oil Sands Land

Posted by mhudema on March 13, 2008

In which a humorous writer takes an adventure in Canada’s newest theme park.

Dateline: Monday, March 10, 2008

by Tom King

Last week I flew out to Alberta for a vacation, and when I got to the carousel to pick up my bags, whom should I see but Stephen Harper and Stéphane Dion. It’s not often you run into the Prime Minister of Canada and the Leader of the Opposition in an airport, so I walked over and said hello. You might think that Mr Harper and Mr Dion would be a little aloof, being as they’re famous, but they were quite friendly. I told them I was going to Banff to hike the Rockies.Mr Harper said that the Rockies were beautiful and all, but that nature tended to be overrated, and that he and Mr Dion were off to a new, all-inclusive resort near Fort McMurray called Alberta Oil Sands Land. Mr Dion said that Alberta Oil Sands Land was supposed to be better than Wonderland in Ontario or Disney Land in California and more exciting than the West Edmonton Mall.I have to admit that the place did sound tempting.Well, before you knew it, Mr Harper was insisting that I come with him and Mr Dion to Alberta Oil Sands Land, and, in no time at all, we were on a Government of Canada jet headed for the resort.I didn’t know what to expect, and I have to say that, when I first got there, I was a little disappointed. Alberta Oil Sands Land looked more like a trailer park that had been built around an oil refinery than a four-star resort, but Mr Harper said that the oil companies had wanted to make the facility as authentic as possible.They certainly did a good job. The place even smelled authentic.A couple of guys in parkas and hard hats came out and took our luggage to our single-wide theme suites. My suite was decorated to look like the inside of an oil barrel. I tell you, I couldn’t tell the difference….For the whole story, please go to the related site below.The NDP is proud to present the latest exclusive story from distinguished storyteller, Massey Lecturer, Order of Canada member and performer/creator of CBC’s Dead Dog Café, Thomas King.Thomas is the NDP candidate in the riding of Guelph, where he lives and teaches at the University of Guelph. Related addresses:URL 1:

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