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A Licence to Wreak Environmental Havok

Posted by mhudema on June 15, 2008

This project is a licence to wreak environmental havoc

Monday, 10 December 2007

This week BP announced it is buying a 50 per cent stake in Husky Energy’s tar sands development project in Alberta, Canada, to produce more than 200,000 barrels by 2020. The move in effect signals the company is ready to participate in one of the most environmentally destructive projects on the planet.

Canada’s tar sands are second only in size to the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia, with more than 149,000 sq km an area larger than all of England (130,410 sq km). Tar sands are a mixture of sand, clay and bitumen, a heavy tar-like substance that can be converted into oil. Instead of simply drilling a well, the tar sands must be strip-mined in giant open pits or mined underground with in situ technologies that inject super-heated water into the ground.

The process is very water and energy intensive. A barrel of tar sands oil requires up to five times more energy to produce than a conventional barrel and results in five times the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. The US-based World Resources Institute estimates the tar sands will soon match the entire carbon dioxide emissions of the Czech Republic. By 2020 the tar sands are expected to release more than 141 million tons of greenhouse gases annually, or more than the emissions currently produced by all the road transport in the UK 125.3 million tons in 2002).

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Oilsands will be ‘clean enough’: Stelmach

Posted by mhudema on June 15, 2008

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Alberta Premier Stelmach predicted Thursday that the oilsands will be clean enough for any green-fuel standards that California, Washington or other U.S. governments impose.

As U.S. activists and even policymakers grow increasingly wary of the massive environmental footprint of the oilsands, the premier insisted Thursday that critics are seriously misinformed.

A day earlier, he expressed fear that California’s low-carbon fuel standard will “penalize” Alberta oil exports because oilsands production emits too much greenhouse gas. But today Stelmach said new technology such as carbon dioxide sequestration underground will help products from the oilsands become suitable for California and even new federal standards.

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The Most Destructive Project on Earth: The Canadian Tar Sands

Posted by mhudema on June 15, 2008

“Because of their sheer scale, all Canadians are affected by the Tar Sands, no matter where they live.

If you live downstream, your water is being polluted and your fish and wildlife may be dangerous to eat. If you live in Saskatchewan you are a victim of acid rain. If you live in BC, “supertankers” may soon be plying your shoreline carrying Tar Sands oil to Asia. If you live in Ontario, you are exposed to harmful emissions from the refining of Tar Sands Oil. And the impacts do not stop at Canada’s border – US refineries are re-tooling to handle the dirty oil from Alberta.
With the Tar Sands, Canada has become the world’s dirty energy superpower. Environmental Defence’s report highlights the environmental and human health effects of the Tar Sands. And, outlines what the federal government should do to clean it up.” -Environmental Defense

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Crude Love and No More Lies

Posted by mhudema on June 15, 2008

The Gazette

Love in the Alberta tar sands – between polar opposites. She drives a truck as big as an apartment building.

He’s a city-bred environmentalist who wants to stop the whole project and put people like her out of a job. Yet somehow, they work out their differences.

Sounds like a great scenario for a new Canadian movie. But at this stage, Crude Love is a play written and performed by Gillian and Russell Bennett, making its debut at the St. Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival. It’s but one of many premieres at the Montreal Fringe, which owns the first date on the fringe circuit calendar.

The Bennetts are no strangers to Montreal, or the circuit, which includes fringes in Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria – and, of course, Edmonton, the grandaddy of them all.

Gillian Bennett, 30, grew up in Edmonton. Russell, 35, was raised in Toronto. They both studied acting in New York, at the same school. But they met later, in Vancouver, where they now live – sort of. This summer they gave up their apartment and put their stuff in storage before heading out on the road. This is their first touring season as a married couple, having tied the knot on Tofino Beach last summer.

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