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Alberta Fish Deaths

Posted by mhudema on June 26, 2008

Alberta investigates fish deaths

Source: CBC News

Posted: 06/25/08 6:23PM

Filed Under: Canada

Hundreds of dead and dying fish have been found in a reservoir north of Fort McMurray on a site owned by Syncrude Canada, a discovery which has prompted an investigation by the Alberta government.

The fish were found Friday in the Poplar Creek reservoir built to divert water around an inactive oilsands mine.

While pollution from other nearby sites hasn’t been ruled out, its not believed to be the cause, said Cheryl Robb, a spokesperson for Alberta Environment.

“The closest industrial activity is about 400 metres away, and Alberta Environment did inspect the industrial site and there is no obvious source of contamination from that site, which is right now, why we have to wait for the lab results on the tests we’ve taken to determine what the cause is of the incident,” she said.

Suncor, another oilsands company, has a construction site nearby.

In April, 500 ducks died on a toxic waste lake owned by Syncrude.

Alberta Environment’s investigation of that incident is continuing.

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