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Take a Toxic Tour

Posted by mhudema on June 26, 2008

Greenpeace Offers Mock Oilsands Tour
CHQR Newsroom

Greenpeace is stepping up the pressure on the environmental record of Alberta’s oilsands with a tongue-in-cheek new website that offers mock tours of the province’s industrial northeast.
The site (, with an address similar to the province’s official tourism web page, tempts travellers with black sand beaches, toxic lakes and clearcut forests.

It recommends starting the day with a `propane cannon wake-up call’ and suggests a little open-pit paragliding over the vast oilsands mines.
The site satirizes Alberta’s planned $25-million public relations campaign to improve the environmental image of the province’s energy industry.
Greenpeace Canada spokesman Mike Hudema says that provincial cash would be better spent cleaning up the oilsands themselves rather than Alberta’s global image.
Earlier this week, an association of U.S. mayors passed a resolution urging American cities to stop using fuel derived from the oilsands. And presidential hopeful Barack Obama has recently mused publicly about curbing imports of `dirty’ oil from various sources, including Canada’s oilsands.

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