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Time Capsule Marks Climate Villians

Posted by mhudema on July 8, 2008

Anti-global warming crusader stops in Fort McMurray

Today staff
Monday July 07, 2008

Concern about global warming has promoted one environmentalist to undertake a six-province, 24-state tour to educate people and raise awareness that action is needed now to prevent mass extinction.
And if people don’t become more environmentally responsible for themselves, then Anthony Marr hopes they will do it out of love for their children.
Marr set off from Vancouver on Tuesday on a tour entitled Saving Life on Earth From Mass Extinction Due to Global Warming. He plans to be on the road for the next 4 1/2 months, and when he visits each spot, he plans to bury a time capsule to be unearthed in 2060.
Marr was in Fort McMurray on Friday, to scout out locations for the local time capsule to be buried in November in an undisclosed location.
“We want our children to know the truth of what happened in the early part of the 21st century on both sides of the contention,” said Marr, explaining the purpose of the time capsules. “The world will change greatly between now and 2060.” He said a baby born within the next couple of years will know a very different, impoverished world in 50 years’ time. He also predicted mass starvation.
“I enjoy life today because the world is beautiful,” said Marr. “Our children’s (world) won’t be.”


The local time capsule will hold CDs and DVDs of information about what the area was like, as well as a DVD player, in case future technology doesn’t support current technology. It will also include two plaques — one naming the “criminals” against humanity and the environment, including Premier Ed Stelmach and the chief executive officers of major oil companies. The second names the “warriors,” which include Marr himself.
Marr said he will attempt to be as objective as possible when creating the information on the oilsands and global warming for the time capsule.
“I’ll be fair,” he maintained. Each city will have its own list of “criminals” as nominated by area residents.
He called himself a “kind of an umbrella organizer” when asked under what auspices he undertook this campaign. He added the “criminals” listed on the plaque were nominated by local environmentalists in Edmonton and Calgary.
Acknowledging he is driving a gasoline-fuelled vehicle for the tour targeting the greenhouse gas emissions, Marr explained that for next year’s tour, he will be using an electric car.
“I’ve got no choice,” he explained. “I would much rather be driving an electric car for this project, but there is no electric car currently that (has) the range that I need to do this long tour.”
However, Marr added he has ordered an Aptera, an electric car created by an independent manufacturer, for next year’s tour.
The first prototype of the vehicle achieved about 98 kilometres to the litre, according to company information.
Aside from leaving the time capsules, other objectives of Marr’s current and future tours includes forming a global movement to spur the United Nations to “orchestrate a global green fund to the tune of $120 billion a year,” said Marr. It would be funded by having every country donating about 10 per cent of their military budget. It has to be the UN because it’s altruistic, and non-profit unlike governments and industries, he said.
Another objective is to create a global alliance to promote green technology focusing on renewable resources such as wind and solar powers.

2 Responses to “Time Capsule Marks Climate Villians”

  1. Mike,

    Thanks for posting this.

    Just two points about the article.

    1. I did not list myself as one of “Warriors for Mother Earth”, but as the head of the group that created the time capsule and awarded the honors and handed down the condemnations (Criminals Against Nature and Humanity – #1 Ed Stelmach, #2 Rob Renney, the so-called Environment Minister).

    2. Even a fairly sympathetic reporter steered clear of mentioning the term “tar sands”.

    Keep punching.


  2. Pardon me, but she did mention the “oilsands”.

    To see pictures of the “Warriors” and “Criminals” plaques, go to and scroll down 10″.

    By the way, while in Fort McMurray, I chartered a 3-seater Cessna 172 from McMurray Aviation to over-fly six mines for 1.5 hours ($300). We were forced to land at the Albion mine due to thunderstorm activities. In the waiting room were dozens of out-going miners of all ranks and files, male and female. I had a close-up look at the faces of evils.

    To me Fort McMurray is a modern day Sodom-and-Gomorra, whose only purpose is to profit by raping Mother Earth and destroying our children’s future, plus driving millions of species to extinction within this century. I don’t think they can plead ignorance

    I have constructed a graphics-rich global warming web-section in Check it out and pass it on.

    I have also created a global petition to the U.N. Secretary General to create the Global Green Fund. Please sign it, make a dynamite comment, and pass it on. Google [Global Green Fund Secretary General].

    Keep up the great work.


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