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Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil, See No Evil

Posted by mhudema on July 16, 2008

Heavy oil protest at Telus Centre

Alicia Fox for Metro Calgary
16 July 2008 05:04
ROBIN KUNISKI/for Metro Calgary

A small group of protesters targeted the Heavy Oil Technology conference at the Telus Convention Centre yesterday, protesting the ongoing development of Alberta oilsands.

Accusing the government of “greenwashing,” half a dozen protesters showed up outside the Telus Convention Centre at noon yesterday.

“Our government is insulting our intelligence and lying about (what’s really happening),” said Anna Gerrard, a Greenpeace volunteer, there to protest further development of the oilsands during the Heavy Oil Technologies conference.
“We need to stop adding to the problem,” she said.

There had been plans to hold a skit about the so-called greenwashing, but it fell through when some of the main actors cancelled at the last minute.
Instead, three protesters mimicked the see, hear and speak-no-evil monkeys, saying that the government is doing likewise.
“Spare an extra $2 billion?” read one shred of cardboard held by a man dressed as a panhandler in a suit. Gerrard explained that people should be aware that the government is taking $2 billion from taxpayers’ pockets for carbon capture and storage.
“A lot of people have their minds made up, but others we’re educating,” she said.

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