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Tar Sands Industry Poised to Pollute Canada’s Largest Freshwater Aquifer

Posted by mhudema on July 28, 2008

Tar Sands Industry Poised to Pollute Canada’s Largest Freshwater Aquifer

CALGARY (July 24, 2008) – The Métis Nation in northeastern Alberta has
discovered that many of Alberta’s in situ tar sands projects sit immediately
below a vast groundwater channel system that flows into the Athabasca River.
Given the accidental steam blowouts that have already occurred in the
region, the potential for pollution of Canada’s largest freshwater aquifer
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Imagine a World Without Oil

Posted by mhudema on July 28, 2008

Imagine a world without oil? A better question would be,”What alternative energy sources have we developed, and how quickly can they be utilized?” Even this question doesn’t begin to address the future we are facing, nor does it highlight the scope of the situation. In light of the current rise in gasoline prices, I began to suspect that there is much more going on, besides the greed of the oil corporations. I’m pretty good at connecting the dots, and reading between the lines, and the facts are pointing to an unpleasant conclusion. This conclusion will hit americans the hardest, and will possibly be the greatest social, economic, and sweeping overnight change the country will face in this century. Reality check, oil isn’t forever, and at the exponential growth vs. demand equation, factored in with the peak has already passed, how long will reserves actually last? If other countries are already tapping ‘Tar Sands’ for oil, what does this mean in the big picture?

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Tar Sands Threaten Groundwater

Posted by mhudema on July 28, 2008

Oilsands threaten groundwater
Conservation specialist warns steam blowout could contaminate massive Athabasca aquifer near Fort McMurray
Jennifer Yang
The Edmonton Journal

EDMONTON – Oilsands development could be putting one of Canada’s largest groundwater systems in peril, the Alberta Wilderness Association warned Saturday.

Many of the region’s oilsands projects sit directly below what’s believed to be the largest aquifer in the North American Plains region.

This immense system of underground water channels, which includes parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan, is an invaluable source of Canadian freshwater that feeds into several important waterways such as the Athabasca River.

Critics are particularly worried about oil projects taking place over aquifers that use an oil extraction method called Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage, or SAGD, commonly used in an area between Fort McMurray and Lac La Biche.

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Can a Law Suit Stop the Tar Sands?

Posted by mhudema on July 28, 2008

Law Suit a Tar Sands Stopper?

Win for Alberta Cree band could clog up oil ambitions.

View full article and comments here http:///News/2008/07/28/LawSuit/

By Tom Sandborn

Published: July 28, 2008

Jack Woodward and the Beaver Lake Cree aim to change Canadian law — and their success likely would throw a huge wrench into Alberta’s tar-sands oil production.

The suit pits the Beaver Lake Cree band against the governments of Canada and Alberta, asking the court to rule invalid the government authorization for thousands of petroleum projects on the band’s core territory.

Woodward, a Victoria-based Aboriginal-law expert, filed the suit on behalf of his clients this May, and says its intent is to lay the groundwork for a new legal regime governing resource extraction on land reserved for or claimed by Canada’s First Nations.

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Greenpeace breaks into Syncrude Canada operation in Alberta to protest oilsands

Posted by mhudema on July 28, 2008

FORT MCMURRAY, Alta. _ A group of Greenpeace activists who broke into a Syncrude Canada Ltd. operation in northern Alberta to draw attention to a campaign against oilsands development have been arrested, ticketed and released by police.

The protesters said they blocked a pipe that flows into the same Aurora North tailings pond where 500 ducks died last April.

Greenpeace spokesman David Martin said they also unfurled a skull and crossbones banner that reads “World’s Dirtiest Oil: Stop the Tar Sands.”

RCMP said charges were pending against 11 activists.

Syncrude officials were not immediately available for comment.

Alberta is considering whether to charge Syncrude over the dead ducks under the province’s environmental laws.

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