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New Chief prepares for tarsands fight

Posted by mhudema on August 19, 2008

New chief prepares his people for oilsands fight
Revitalized Athabasca Chipewyan say Edmonton-born leader is no soft touch
Darcy Henton
The Edmonton Journal

FORT CHIPEWYAN – It’s mealtime at the Fort Chipewyan water conference and Chief Allan Adam leaves the food lineup with two brimming plates of roast beef. But as he wades through the crowd to his seat, he ends up giving his food away to others.

The second time it happens, he laughs about being such a soft touch, and wonders whether people will let him pass to the front of the line again.

He needn’t worry. On his third try, he manages to secure a meal for himself.

Residents of this remote, fly-in community, nearly 600 kilometres north of Edmonton, say the youthful, light-hearted new chief of the Athabasca Chipewyan has revitalized them with his enthusiasm and his charm, but that he’s definitely no soft touch.

That could be bad news for oilsands companies and a provincial government seemingly intent on dramatically boosting bitumen production to meet the world’s thirst for oil.

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