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Our Health Is Not For Sale

Posted by mhudema on July 16, 2008

Chevron Offers Richmond’s City Council $61 Million to Approve Refinery Expansion
Richmond Residents and Bay Area Community say, “Our Health is Not for Sale”

Richmond, CA—Over 500 Bay Area residents attended a Richmond City Council public hearing last night on Chevron’s bid to expand the Richmond refinery to process dirtier crude oil.  The plant expansion is seen as a dramatic step in the wrong direction in the effort to decrease pollution-related health risks and climate change in Richmond and the Bay Area.  The City Council is expected to issue a final vote today in what has been a 4-year permitting process.    
In a last minute effort to lock-in City Council approval for Chevron’s refinery expansion, yesterday Chevron presented the City of Richmond with a $61 million dollar ‘Community Benefit Agreement’ (CBA).  The Agreement, submitted to the city council in closed session immediately before the public council hearing, would reportedly include $6.75 million for jobs and education programs, $6 million for community health programs, and requires the City Council’s approval of the expansion project. Other elements of Chevron’s proposal include requiring the City to propose the implementation of standards that would exempt Chevron projects from design review and would result in changes to the City’s land-use process for Chevron projects.
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Shell Cancels Tar Sands Refinery

Posted by mhudema on July 10, 2008

Shell cancels Canadian tar sands expansion

July 9, 2008

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An oil giant that planned to refine the same Canadian tar sands as BP Whiting has canceled plans for an expansion in Ontario.

Shell Canada is scrapping a proposed refinery project in Sarnia, which would have turned tar-like crude from oil sands in Alberta, Canada, into refinery-ready light oil, the company announced Tuesday.

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Greenpeace mocks province on travel website

Posted by mhudema on June 27, 2008


Greenpeace has launched a scathing travel website vilifying the province for new “tourist attractions” created by tarsands.

Toxic lakes, cleared forests and black sand beaches are among the sites visitors can expect to find in Wild Rose Country, charges, which went live today.

The site – which includes facetious weather info and vacation ideas – was meant as a light-hearted attempt at publicizing environmental damage caused by industry, said a Greenpeace leader.

“It’s sort of a tongue-and-cheek way of getting the information out there,” said Mike Hudema, a tarsands campaigner.

But the reality of the issue is no joke, he said, citing streams and forests destructed by Alberta’s oilsands.

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Showdown in Cancer Alley

Posted by mhudema on June 27, 2008

Showdown in Upgrader Alley

Proliferation of oil-processing plants threatens our quality of life, say area farmers and residents

Kevin Ma

As Wayne Groot describes his concerns about the proposed upgraders that could one day surround his potato farm northeast of Edmonton, his eight-year-old son Luis runs into the kitchen and points out the window. Two moose are running across their lawn, and Groot pauses and smiles before picking up the conversation again. The proximity to nature is one of the many things Groot cherishes about farm life.

However, he may soon have to leave the area and his business. He’s worried about pollution from the proposed developments known as “Upgrader Alley,” a 300-square-kilometre area spanning four different municipalities northeast of Edmonton. By 2022, the industrial area could eventually include as many as nine upgraders, the plants that transform bitumen from the oilsands into synthetic crude.

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Upgraders need too much water

Posted by mhudema on June 25, 2008

Upgraders need too much water
The Edmonton Journal

Re: “Upgrader Alley pause urged; Think-tank wants environmental rules set before new permits,” The Journal, June 16.

The biggest travesty relating to Upgrader Alley originates at the Gold Bar waste-water treatment plant in Edmonton. It is there that Epcor, the city-owned utility, plans to take 26 million litres of reclaimed water per day — an amount equal to the daily water consumption of the city of Edmonton. This water is presently returned to the river for use downstream. If the plan goes ahead, no water will be returned to the river by Epcor.

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Scenes From the Tar Wars

Posted by mhudema on May 6, 2008

As Canada scrambles to dig up some of the world’s dirtiest oil, a bush doctor tracks mysterious diseases, poisoned rivers, and shattered lives.” />

Josh Harkinson” />
May 01″ /> , 2008″ />
At a small airport in the northern Alberta town of Fort McMurray, a rickety, single-engine Cessna hurtles off the ground with a roar. Dr. John O’Connor ignores the shuddering fuselage, the tail wiggle, the steep climb above the spruce trees at the end of the runway. For O’Connor, a bush doctor who has tended to some of Canada’s most remote Native American communities for more than a decade, this October morning is the start of a routine commute. In his fleece vest and green fedora, the small, middle-aged Irishman looks simultaneously rugged and elfin. A plastic tray of fruit salad vibrates beneath his seat, a gift for locals who are used to subsisting on moose, pickerel, and muskrat.

Outside, a carpet of boreal forest unfurls at the southern edge of town. Our plane flies past suburban subdivisions, freshly paved culs-de-sac, and what O’Connor says is the largest trailer park in North America. As we head north, tracking the steep banks of the Athabasca River, the forest returns. And then the trees quickly vanish, along with everything else, into miles and miles of rolling hills of sand. “The sand blows around like you wouldn’t believe,” O’Connor shouts over the propeller buzz. “Drive from Fort McMurray, and you will encounter what looks like a sandstorm.”

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