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More from the Denial Machine

Posted by mhudema on June 25, 2008


“Unfair” environmental criticism that is mounting in the U.S. against the oilsands could cause an uncertain economic future for Alberta, Finance Minister Iris Evans said yesterday.

Evans said she won’t predict the double-digit multibillion-dollar surplus many expect here next year due to high oil prices, noting the province is waging political war against anti-dirty oil legislation in the U.S. that could impact its ability to develop an oilsands-based economy.


And she said she’s hoping for help from states that also benefit from upgrading bitumen, the oilsand/tar mix that is refined into synthetic crude.

“It offends me deeply to hear people say ‘dirty oil,’ ” she said. “When they go to the gas tank and fill up with the oil, they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a drop of oil out of our oilsands and any other oil they’ll purchase anywhere else. So that’s highly offensive.”
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