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Greengroups quit government tar sands group

Posted by mhudema on August 19, 2008

Green groups quit oil sands forum

Protest move made as Industry Minister in U.S. to address concerns about environmental impact

CALGARY AND OTTAWA — Three groups have quit a government-sponsored forum for assessing environmental costs in the oil sands, a move that undercuts government efforts to burnish the image of the massive developments in U.S. markets.

The latest flare-up between the Alberta government and environmental activists came as federal Industry Minister Jim Prentice sought to reassure an international audience that the oil sands are being developed in a responsible way and are critical to U.S. energy security.

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Alberta defers decision on oil sands moratorium

Posted by mhudema on April 22, 2008


CALGARY — The Alberta government has for now dismissed a call for a moratorium on oil sands development, but says it will reconsider the issue in June when the broadly-based group that made the call completes a more comprehensive proposal.

In January, the Cumulative Environmental Management Association (CEMA), comprising oil companies, federal and provincial government agencies, First Nations and environmental groups, asked Alberta to halt the sale of new exploration rights in three areas around Fort McMurray until 2011.

The group is concerned about the effect on the boreal forest of massive development of the oil sands. It called for the moratorium because it feared development going on now might undermine its plans to propose a new land use framework for the region in June.

While a majority of the association’s members supported the moratorium, there wasn’t a full consensus, with companies including EnCana Corp. and Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. saying the January proposals weren’t clear enough.

Last month, the Alberta government told CEMA in a letter that it “will assess” the idea but wants to see the full package of land management proposals. The letter in which the government disclosed its position was obtained last week by The Pembina Institute, an environmental group that’s a member of CEMA.

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