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Oil Sands Boom Swamps Canadian Wilderness

Posted by mhudema on July 24, 2008

Oil sands boom swamps the Canadian wilderness
Environmentalists want tougher laws to halt the damage, writes Tim Webb
Tim Webb
Sunday July 20 2008
The Observer

Todd Dahlman scoops up a handful of oily sand and smiles. ‘This is the money
– it even smells like money,’ says the manager of Shell’s Muskeg River oil
sands mine in the Athabasca region of North Alberta in Canada.

We are standing in the middle of a pit 50m deep that giant diggers have
hollowed out of the earth. Some 150m beneath our feet lie almost a billion
barrels of oil.

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Awash in oil money, and problems

Posted by mhudema on July 11, 2008

Energy Hunt: Fort McMurray was a sleepy town on the Canadian frontier until oil transformed it into a boomtown with tons of opportunities – and concerns.

By CNN’s Ali Velshi and Katie Engelhart

FORT MCMURRAY, Alberta (CNN) — On a hot summer day, there’s a distinct smell around the remote, northern town of Fort McMurray, Canada. You might think it’s the oil being processed at nearby plants. But most residents will tell you it’s the smell of money.

Most Americans probably don’t know that one third of the world’s known oil deposits are buried in the dirt of Canada’s Alberta province. The Oil Sands of Canada – as they are known – contain the largest known oil deposit in the world, significantly larger than that of Saudi Arabia. One and a half million barrels of oil are extracted from the land every day, most of it sent directly to the U.S.

Alberta supplies about ten percent of America’s imported oil – some of it from conventional wells, but a growing amount from Oil Sands. And the fast-growing industry has turned the town of Ft. McMurray into a bonafide “boomtown” with folks here juggling new riches – and new problems.

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Short Term Gain, Long Term Ecological Pain

Posted by mhudema on July 10, 2008

July 9, 2008 10:00 AM

The tar sands: Investing for short-term gain, long-term eco-disaster

India is considering investing up to $10 billion dollars in Canada’s tar sands. This is yet another case of one country wanting to make a financial killing while helping to kill a distant ecosystem. But on a small planet where pollution from one place can have an impact on a region thousands of kilometres away and our fragile atmosphere is a shared space, nations and companies must wake up to their responsibilities.

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