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Geothermal Gets No Love

Posted by mhudema on July 18, 2008

Geothermal `not getting any love’ – Business – Geothermal `not getting any love’

Canada has significant `earth energy’ potential, but critics say it’s not doing much about it

July 17, 2008

Energy Reporter

Canada’s obsession with “clean coal” and carbon capture technologies has left it blind to the vast potential of its own geothermal resources, says the head of one of the country’s few publicly traded developers of geothermal power.

Gary Thompson, chief executive of Sierra Geothermal Power Inc. of Vancouver, said the neglect has left Canada a laggard among peers who view emission-free geothermal power as a strategic part of their electricity mix.

“We’re one of the few countries with significant geothermal potential that’s not doing anything about it,” said Thompson, adding that the federal government has shown little interest, despite calls for more study. “It’s rather disconcerting. They’ve really been letting Canadians down.”

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