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STOP: Stop the Tar sands Operations Permanently is a grassroots movement dedicated to stopping one of the world’s most destructive projects the Alberta Tar Sands. STOP formed after an action camp held by Greenpeace and the Sierra Club Prairie Chapter in the fall of 2007.

STOP uses non-violent direct action tactics to directly confront those that are destroying Alberta and threatening the health and stability of our planet.

 STOP has active groups in Calgary and Edmonton but is slowly spreading across the nation.

Join the fight against the tar sands today!!! Contact to get involved today.


Alberta’s Tar Sands: One of the Most Destructive Projects on Earth

One of the Most Destructive Projects on Earth

Located beneath 4.3 million hectares of boreal forest, an area the size of Florida, the tar sands are the dirtiest source of oil in the world. Few Canadians know what is happening in northern Alberta. While many may know about Alberta’s immense oil reserves in the tar sands (2nd only to Saudi Arabia) few know the environmental and social devastation that is taking place.The tar sands could destroy over 149,000 square kilometres or Boreal forest an area the size of Florida. By 2020 they are expected to emit more than 141 million tonnes of greenhouse gases – more than double that currently produced by all the cars and trucks in Canada and Alberta is now home to the world’s largest dam and it is built to hold the toxic waste from just one Tar Sands operation.The tar sands of Alberta are now the world’s largest industrial operation. Because of their sheer scale, all Canadians have become hostage to their development. Instead of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Canada is quickly increasing them and fully half of that emissions growth is projected to come from the Tar Sands.This is just beginning. The Alberta government has already given approvals that will double the size of existing operations, and has been talking with the US government to grow the Tar Sands five-fold in a “short time span” looking to move from 1 million barrels of oil per day to over 5 million The Tar Sands are now the biggest capital project anywhere on Earth and the biggest energy undertaking anywhere.With the Tar Sands, Canada has become the world’s dirty energy superpower.

A few quick facts:
• The Tar Sands can single handedly prevent Canada from meeting it’s international obligations under the Kyoto protocol. By 2020 the tar sands are expected to release over 141 megatonnes of GHG – twice that produced by all the cars and trucks in Canada.
• An area the size of the state of Florida (149,000 km2) can be leased to oil sands development in the future.
• It takes 3-5 barrels of fresh water to get a single barrel of oil from the tar sands. 350 million cubic metres is the volume of water currently allocated to the tar sands, the equivalent to the water required by a city of two million people.
• Cumulatively, the environmental impact of the tar sands has made Alberta the industrial air pollution capital of Canada, with one billion kilograms of emissions in 2003.
• 600 million cubic feet of Natural gas is used every day – that’s enough to heat more than three million Canadian homes.
• First Nation communities downstream of tar sands operation have been experiencing unprecedented rates of bile and colon cancer, lupus and other diseased that they believe are attributable to tar sands.
• 70% of the crude oil being extracted from the tar sands is exported directly to the United States mostly for use in transportation.

Across the country, individual Canadians are taking action to fight climate change. Most provincial governments – other than Alberta – have begun to meaningfully respond. But every step forward is undermined by ever larger greenhouse gas emissions from the Tar Sands. If we care about our planet or our future we need to STOP THE TARSANDS.

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  1. Sara said

    I am pleased to see your blog. I am the co-ordinator for Guelph campus greens, an organization to promote awareness and get students involved in pertinent local, Canadian, and global issues that challenge the future of our sustainable world. What can a campus club do to help stop tar sand development?? Please e-mail back:)

  2. Connie Jensen said

    If Paul Baker, the person who apparently posed the question to Premier Stelmach, is reading these blogs, or if someone else who reads them knows Mr. Baker, I’d appreciate a contact from Mr. Baker. I’m working for the Alberta Greens in DV/Calmar. You can contact me via office phone 780-898-5503

  3. FoNA said

    See Jim Reamsbottom’s site where he exposes criminal conspiracies related to oil and gas companies in Northern Alberta infiltrating the highest levels of government.

  4. FoNA said

    It seems oil/gas are pumping industrial waste into the ground in northern Alberta as well and many agencies are helping to cover this up. Hopefully we can gather further support for our causes.

    Northern Alberta Surface Water Study

  5. Powell Lucas said

    Yeah, I agree. Let’s shut it down now, along with conventional oil, coal and natural gas, both domestic and imported which produce copious amounts of CO2 and other hazardous pollutants when burned. We also won’t have to worry about the pollution from smelters, steel mills, manufacturing plants and farm equipment since they won’t have either electrical power or fuel to sustain their operations. Ahh, just think of the frozen, hungry Utopia we can look forward to.

  6. FoNA said

    I’m not sure if I understand you correctly Powell, are you being facetious? Are you saying that humans must pollute as they are in order to feed themselves and keep themselves warm?

  7. Mark said

    The people of Alberta have spoken with a sweeping majority and selected the tories. We love the tories and this democracy. This is our province.

  8. Kelly said

    In fact, Mark, only 41 per cent of the province’s 2,252,104 eligible voters voted in the election and only 52.7 per cent of those voters voted conservative. So really good ol’Eddie only represents about 486,612 Albertans or 21.6 per cent of the population. As for the majority of us who did not vote for Eddie, it is our province too. You might want to look up the words ‘sweeping’ and ‘majority.’

  9. Mark said

    Kelly, you might want to have another look at how many seats ol’Eddie won and how many your guy one. Then you might want to go back and relearn how the system works here in Alberta. As for those who didn’t vote, who cares what they think.

  10. Carbon dioxide released by oil sands operations is heavier than air and sinks in air relatively quickly rather than rising up to the upper atmosphere to become a so-called greenhouse gas in the upper atmosphere. While sinking, carbon dioxide stratifies from air; after sinking and stratifying, it tends to remain close to the ground. It can then dissolve in soil water or alternatively it may find its way down to low-lying water bodies or down to ocean level where it can readily mix and dissolve in water or react with water to form weak carbonic acid. Carbon dioxide is also removed immediately from the lower atmosphere by rainfall.

    In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries A.D., many measurements of the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide were higher than present-day carbon dioxide measurements and there was no runaway greenhouse-gas global warming effect.

  11. Charlie said

    This is just crazy – haven’t Nimby’s like these groups caused enough Global environmental damage due misguided efforts?

    Oil Sands has nothing to do with Canada or the other signature countries not making ANY of Kyoto goals/targets – despite large exclusions like UK Coal power. What it did do was make lot profit for emission traders and turn undeveloped countries like China into the Worlds largest poluters because they were exempt from doing anything. Go straighten out that Environmental mess before you make another one in name Kyoto!

    Nearly All new Canada Oil Sands production is using SAGD not mining – so your facts are all out date on production. And for your information Canada’s conventional crude production is declining almost as much as the US – without Bitumen crude production both countries would be in a disaster by now!

    Another story to get straight – this isnt the “worlds dirtest oil”. Bitumen crude has been linked to mankind for 6000 years – Great Wall China/Pyramids/Mummies/Greek Fire/Shipping are just few of uses over the centuries.

    You idiots want to do something useful – help with Norway’s Seed vault or set up the same for animal genetic samples before the next 100,000 year Ice Age sets in ….. probably as result of groups like yours prematurely ending the current 12,000 year inter-glacial period you call global warming!

  12. Aron said

    I agree the development of these tarsands create real environmental issues. The real problem is our consumption. If people didn’t use so much energy driving SUVs then we wouldn’t need this stuff. I found an interesting website at that has a great forum debating the issues with the tarsands. Though it is apparently an industry site they have no qualms opening this debate to everyone’s opinion whether they may like it or not. Stop driving your cars….? How did you all get to work today? hmmmmmm The gas is created some how right?

  13. Dr Peter Carter said

    Thank you all those who have the integrity and humanity to take a real stand for the future.
    I have followed this issue of all issues for almost 20 yrs. watching global greenhouse gas emissions accelerate faster and faster under insane fossil fueled exponential economic growth.
    The International Energy Agency issued a special report (June 08) warning that a continuation would heat the planet 6oC by 2100. Many eminent scientists have warned civilization would collapse before 2100. A 6oC heating would be the end of humanity and most of life on Earth.
    GHGs and temperature levels are now soaring faster than they ever have before.
    We have known for years that only a total conversion from fossil fuels to clean perpetual energy could stop the heating. Latest research says we have wasted so much we are now out of time.
    At todays GHGas levels we have most likely lost the worlds coral reefs.
    It’s painfully obvious that any one who does not want the Canadian tar sands to close does not care about life on this planet. The oil corporations plan to double tar sands output in a few years.
    These corporations are guilty of the worst crime ever against humanity and Nature.
    There is many times the available energy in renewables to replace suicidal fossil fuel energy.
    And the conversion would be a huge boost to the economy.
    What more to we need to know?
    This insane evil that would wipe out most of life on Earth must be stopped.

  14. Tired of Greenwash said

    I don’t disagree that this province is 20 years behind on public transit which demonstrates a real lack of vision and leadership. But I how do you heat your home? Do you have any lights or electricity. How about the computer you are going to use to respond to this blog on? This is run on power from coal-fired electricity which is one of primary focus of this $2B. Which I agree is a subsidy for big business. But lets just say carbon cap was legislated with no subsidy. In a regulated rate of return environment – you and I will end up paying for it one way or another. I am not a fan of subsidies but I am a fan of leadership and action on this issue and this this $4B is a good start and long over due. You can take credit as can Pembina and Parkland for putting the pressure on this guys but don’t demonstrate the worst quality of politicians and that is you have become so polarized and partisan that you can’t admit when someone does something positive for your cause because there will always be a flaw.

    I have no time for greenpeace and your position because you have become partisian and blind to balance. You and greenpeace will earn my respect and I suspect the respect from many others if the next photo I see is not of you hanging a banner off a bridge or repelling from the rafters but actually shaking Stelmach’s hand and telling him it is a good start but as a proud Albertan you need to see more action.

  15. Karima Risk said

    I am a norwegian citizen who discovered this site today. I am so glad to join you, and so ashamed over the norwegian company StatoilHydro. I know a lot of norwegians feel the same way and would like to join you in the fight for the people and nature in Canada!I heared on the news yesterday that representatives from the protest-movement in Canada are arriving to talk to the Norwegian Government today, I really hope this leads to something!

  16. Khondker Hossain said

    Preserving water in the Alberta Oil Sands

    I’m always interested in reading statistics on the problems associated with extracting oil from the Alberta tar sands. The numerous consequences associated with extracting oil include tremendous environmental damage, specifically to our water resources. Producing oil from the tar sands takes on average three barrels of freshwater to make one barrel of oil. It remains important for our Canadian oil industry to heed the call of environmentalists and approach our collective resources with respect.

    By current estimates Canada contains the second largest oil reserves in the world. Given the world demand and tremendous income potential, Canada has a vested interest in developing this resource to it’s full potential. Like many Canadians, I remain interested in technology that will assist industry in recovering oil, while also minimizing the environmental impact.

    Some years ago, as a Ph.D. student, I built and tested equipment specifically designed to re-circulate water following an extraction process. I believe there are many experimental designs which could assist with applications in the oil industry and would like to share and discuss any applications with any interested stakeholders. I don’t believe a complete STOP is a viable strategy given our present energy needs.

  17. Mike Lee said

    Zeolite would cleanup the oilsands mess like Chernoble radiation was in Ukraine. It encapsulates the mess whatever it is and never releases it. After the process you can grow vegetation in it. The best part is it’s inexpensive. I own millions of tons in Princeton BC and would give a super deal on zeolite to an organization to do the work to clean it up.

  18. James Moritz said

    It doesn’t matter if they strip mine, or extract using SAGD, the affect on the forest will be devastation. The effect on the groundwater will reach all the way to the Arctic Ocean. And in a few generations, when we’re really and truly out of oil, the mess, which will require perpetual monitoring, will be all that’s left. The tar sands operation is not worth the legacy if it’s just to keep our SUV’s running a little longer.

    As for what we heat our homes with, one of those things is natural gas, which is being wasted in ridiculous quantities in the tar sands because the tar is crap that needs huge amounts of additional hydrogen to be good for anything.

    Albertans don’t deserve the boreal forest anymore. They’ve squandered they’re rights as caretakers of the land they occupy.

  19. Mike said

    If you don’t like the Alberta tar sands or any other big oil project then just park your car and ride your donkey to work in minus -30 celsius.(If donkeys are in short supply try a bicycle). I hear there is a area of the Pacific Ocean being the size of Alberta that is a floating plastic garbage dump so perhaps you can do something about this. Then there is nuclear waste being disposed of beside your aunt’s house that should get your attention. Good luck in your hypocritical mission because none of you are going to give up the keys to your automobile … even as the North American Big 3 automakers collapse. You can then buy a European gas guzzler instead. Warm and fuzzy regards …

  20. To all how have read the above Article and the blogs as well.

    The Northern alberta surface water study is the opening to real Corruption within Governments and Corporations . This is now a 9 year Bench Mark Study on the How a system deceives Humans from Life, Liberty, Personal properties.
    Reality is this ! Petroleum Feuls are Depleated ?. Is What a person hears on T.V “This it is nothing more then a Hoax”. Due to Illegal transport of deleterious liquids, say Radioactive / Heavy Metal Solutions with in Gas Group Pipelines. The liquid we put in our gas tanks each day is being Created By This So Called Unconventional Coal Bed Methane Senerio or Flood Plane.
    By disposing of certain toxic materials to nature on a country wide operating system, one can control the World. When it comes to the Players read Novmber 21 2005 transcript , located at the mentioned site. This was the stopping of court proceedings or Queens Bench Discoveries.
    Read this deeply and you will see a illegal opertation of a set group of Civil Servents getting paper works together so a illegal Apprehesion of 4 children and a Assualt by Consent for the father by R.c.m.p officers. REASONS I Video taped several events at EXTREME temps of flowing liquids releaed from a Dry Gas Pipeline or Natural Gas Pipeline. Prior to this event , the First NON REPORTED BSE CASE of 2000 year. Within that year Flaring , with a Federal Corporation Bringing in waste to Put down hole . Not deep as on would think , on Ground with Raghoses and to wells of min depths of 900 meters . This is the rejuvenation of depleted wells by injecting the deleterious liquids. That do come to surface as seen in Video Evidence on site . Now Stop here and think 13 Court cases, once the Illegal Apprehension took place all evidence brings a person back to the first day of real Criminal activities. Transportation of the Product.
    Your hard earned dollars are paying for it , and it is over and above profits for Brave Companies. Read all transcripts from oldest to newest and 8 years will produce who’s who of Corruption with in our own Governments , then add the Evidence of 13k to back the picture.
    Where i sit , is the highest cancer region in canada. Thanks to a Modern Day Dump Zone That is Affecting the Artic Waters Above. Our very existence is a Battle We better think about .
    The weather patterns are more severe for a reason , one that i was pushed through . Alone As a Form of Control to Silence the Findings that Pulic MUST NOT KNOW..
    Jim Reamsbottom , Father of 5

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